[DJ Events] Rebrand, not reinvent

DJX has some awesome potential in the DJ Events extension, although it appears to be from a ground up approach. It seems that it would almost be easier to tweak the DJ-Classifieds component/modules/plugins/apps etc to accommodate. Instead of durations the expiry is obviously the event end date, apart from that DJC would be a rocking events component with most of the functionality as is.
My 2 cents :)


  • Hello, thanks for good words. Yes, this component was made from the scratch and we are open for suggestion how our users can monetize their websites with it. We can't just rewrite the DJ-Classifieds to DJ-Events while we believe that those extensions are completely different and a development of DJ-Events can bring new quality on the events management in Joomla. Please feel free to add any suggestion here
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