djslider full width
(still building)

i create multiple template options for each size (full screen, 50%, 75% of height screen).
I change some options in module.

i also add extra field in admin component and in Sql database for title (title to show on slider) and link (when have a link) .

-One idea to improve this slider--
Animate Titles (for example move from left to right )
The problem is first li with next li are acting like are the same.
so when i add animate title , only works to the first li and not to the rest.

I need some help from creators to add motion in titles and descriptions and this slider will be the TOP OF THE TOP.


  • Hello,

    thank you for good words. If you are looking for option to animate the description separate from image you can consider purchasing DJ-MediaTools which is much more powerful than DJ-ImageSlider and contains a lot of advanced features and at the same time it's even more easier. It contains 10 album layouts, image resizing and optimization, possibility to create albums directly in the article form and much more. Please take a look at the demo page and read more about its features at the product page.

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