Direct Paypal Payments and Saleshistory / Orderhistory

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Hi there,
I use DJ-Classifieds with direct payment option activated (PayPal).

My problem is, that orders get added to the sales- and orderhistory before the payment (PayPal) is completed. Is it possible to list only orders with the status payment completed in the sales- and orderhistory? (Say not before the payment is completed with PayPal). With not completed, I mean, when a user cancels the payment workflow e.g. before he is redirected to PayPal or if he is already on the PayPal site.

The decrease of item-amount for example works like it should. It gets only decreased, when the payment has been completed. The same applies for the confirmation emails. They are send not before the payment is done.

Thank you in advance


  • Hello

    -- For now this is not possible and no one else noticed us about that kind of limitation. I'm not sure is we will add this to the package but please contact us on helpdesk we will try to help you with this.

    Best Regards,
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