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Hello. It would be nice if the menu item in which the user is currently located would not be active. This can be done somehow with the help of DJ-MegaMenu? Thankful in advance for the answer.


  • Hey Aleks!
    Just to be sure, you would like the menu item that is currently active NOT being marked as active?
  • No. I want to not be able to click on the menu item of the current page.
  • Hi Aleksius,

    you can achieve this with a simple css:
    .dj-megamenu li.current > a {
    pointer-events: none;
    cursor: default;
  • Hello. Thanks for the answer. Can I somehow remove the link itself? I need the current menu item to become plain text.
  • You need to modify the file modules/mod_djmegamenu/tmpl/default_url.php and remove the link for an active menu item.

    You can use the following condition to determine if the item is active:
    if ($item->id == $active_id) { 
    // active item
    } else {
    // not active item
  • Thank you very much.
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