Disabling the IP restriction

Hello. There are very few such opportunities:
  1. Disable the restriction by IP for adding reviews.
  2. Enabling the restriction on adding a reviews by time. For example, no more than once a day.
  3. Disable unnecessary fields in the form of adding a review. Very often it is necessary to leave only "Name" (not login), "Feedback" and ratings. I could do this by editing the code, but it's not convenient.
  4. Ability to disable the "Cancel" button under the form of adding a review. I could do this by editing the code, but it's not convenient.
  5. Availability module with a carousel or a review slider.
I hope that such opportunities will sometime appear. Thanks in advance.

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  • oloolo
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    Hi Aleksius,

    Thank's for suggestions. Although the upcoming update will not contain features you mentioned, there will be possible to allow users to add more than one review per item. So it will be kind of bypassing IP restriction in case you would like to enter some of the reviews by yourself.


  • Thank you.
  • Hello, where the restrictions are removed and put by IP, I can not find the option

    Thank you
  • Hello. In new versions of the component, there is an option in the settings - "Multiple rating". Try it.
  • Hi, in image-1 you can see that it is activated and does not work.

    When you have an answer this forum thread does not reach me a notice that has been answered, where I activate the function.

  • I just checked this option. It works for me. I chose Yes for it and was able to leave two feedback from one IP address.

    DJ-Reviews 1.3.4.rc.1, Joomla 3.9.0, PHP 7.1.
  • Ok, tema resuelto, gracias :))

  • It's my pleasure.
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