Album Grid View No Images

I have created a new album based on a folder with a single test image. Menu link is album grid view but no images are displayed. Inspector looks like component not loaded


  • Can you please stop the really annoying popup on your site. I am a paying subscriber.
  • Hello,

    Do you mean the popup with the newsletter subscription form?

    The album grid view display list of the albums from the selected album. You need to use single album view to display your album images on setuped layout.

  • Thanks Szymon, Yes when logged in I am always getting the newsletter popup. Gets annoying after a while.
    I have switched to single album using a folder as source. Cant figure out how to create thumbnail for each image.
    Can you advise. Thanks
  • Can some please explain how I create thumbnails to display in single album view for gallery grid. I have tried folder as source and also custom items. Cannot find a create thumbnail option anywhere. I am loading component from menu not using module.
  • Hello,

    Please use our support system to get a fastest possible answer.

    What do you mean by creating thumbnails? Thumbnails are created automatically based on album or global component settings. You just need to set the width and height in the basic options tab

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