Accordion will not display - just keeps "loading"

I'm building a website that has FAQs, and thought the DJ-Tabs Accordion view would best suit this. I created an article category and set up the items to load those articles. I created a menu item for it, and it worked initially.

But then it stopped. It seems something is being cached, but I can't figure out what. I cleared the Joomla cache and the accordion worked - until I refreshed the page - then it stopped working again!

Is there a way to turn off caching selectively for whatever it is that's causing this? I don't want to have caching turned off completely in Joomla.

I'm using DJ-Menu and DJ-Media Tools on the website as well.

Thank you,


  • Solved my own problem - RocketTheme has a plugin called RokBooster that seems to interfere with DJ-Tabs functionality.

    The template apparently installs this and requires it for some of the template functions - I'm not sure which ones, but hopefully I can make everything work without it.
  • great, if you would have more questions, let us know,
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