Same Banner Shows Twice - The Other Doesn't Show at All

For awhile, my client only had one banner to display. But they finally have something new. I added it to the album and it initially worked, but when I clicked on it to test the link (it links to an article) the page refreshes and the two banners are BOTH the one that was originally there!

one links to the article (but is showing the other image), and the other links to an external website (which it's supposed to do) - but they're both displaying the SAME IMAGE!

I just cleared the cache in Joomla (again) and it seems to be working now. But I'm concerned that visitors to the site might experience this anomaly - is it a known issue, like maybe a conflict in one or more of the settings? Or was this just a fluke that was a caching issue?

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  • Customers are now reporting that they are also seeing two instances of the same image rotating in the banner - I need help with this.

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  • Hello,

    probably you are using some kind of lazy images loading plugin which doesn't respect that DJ-MediaTools has its own lazy images loading implemented already. Please disable your 3rd party lazy images loading plugin or exclude the DJ-MediaTools images from processing by this plugin.

    In case you want me to take a look at your website and point the plugin which causing this issue then please contact us directly writing to and provide your active license key for the component.

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  • I changed the global settings for Album Layout from Modern Slider to Slider (based on DJ ImageSlider) and that fixed it.

    I don't think I'd know a lazy images loading plug-in if it bit me, so I'm not exactly sure what to look for as far as other plug-ins.

    Maybe this is another conflict with extensions that Gantry 5 Rockettheme throws into their templates?

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  • Hello Ernie,

    Slider layout (based on DJ-ImageSlider) has no own lazy images loading implemented that's why it works.

    I also have no idea what extension force lazy images loading on your website, but I don't have access to your website. You should know what you install and what option you enable on your own website.
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