Not calculating points

When I select not to generate games and set that winner get 3 points it doesn't count points in score table and everything else it does calculate.
When I select to automatically generate games and enter score in games it calculate normally.


  • Hello,
    when you create game manually you have to add the points for home and away team manually.

    The best possible consistency of score tables can be achieved when you generate the games for round-robin rounds. What kind of tournament are you trying to setup?
  • I try to enter football games that are already generated in official software and need to enter it on the website also.
  • Why don't you generate the games and then just fill them with data?

    Anyway, please install the attached version. It updates table points according to league rules if they are empty
  • when I enter games from main program I got it listed by dates and DJ league list all games first from one team, then second, then third, etc.
    That's my main problem :S
    Thanks for the link
  • I see your point.

    However you can filter the games by team, so you will find the desired game easily.

    I think it's better than creating each game manually, but it's up to you! :)
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