1253 - COLLATION 'utf8_polish_ci' is not valid for CHARACTER SET 'utf8mb4'

When I try to show a page with DJClassifieds table I get the above error.


  • I made a mistake by using the Change Collation feature of Admin Tools to change to UTF8 Multibyte.
    This changed all the djcf tables. I have since changed them all back to InnoDB and utf8_general_ci but still any page that has DJClassifieds shows the collation utf8_polish error ???
  • Hey,
    Looks like something mixed up indeed.
    Hard to guess how much.
    I guess the best way would be to recover the last working copy - but I suppose that's not the case :/
    Please contact us via our helpdesk with your details and one of the developers will try to check if this is something that can be easily fixed or needs more work.
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