DJ-Media modules to have a navigation

I’m trying to configure the DJ-Media modules to have a navigation button on right and left side for user to navigate ads. I see settings for buttons but no documentation on set-up.


  • Hello,

    the documentation can be found here

    Please contact us directly using support form if you have any specific question.
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    Yes i have go to the docs you posted at.
    However there is little documentation on the modules and how to make changes that seem to be built into the components modules what I’m trying to do is improve the look is a module style with directional arrows on the sides. We have been working with your companies custom development team and have spent more that XXX US dollars with your company on creating a site to look and work like weedmaps over the last year. We are happy with most of the work you company has done. However there are issues with the work too. There are things that don’t correctly like the pop ups for details on the custom product menu of items on the listings. And the look of the mods. The CEO of the company sometimes blames me for it not being as he wants it. One of the biggest problems I have is explaining work that needs to be done and what need custom work to my clients.
    Please help me out here with finishing to look and fell of
    Built custom with the classifieds
    This site

    is also a showcase for what you can do for other people in custom development. Attached you will see screenshots of what I’m talking about. Please help me THANKS
  • Hello,

    I've just talked with the project manager who your company works with on this project and he confirmed that the slider layout with arrows will be designed in the next step of the project.

    However, you can set the default arrows if you don't mind the design. If you what me to help you just set up the default next/prev arrows please write directly at and refer to this post.

    You can also do it by yourself in the DJ-MediaTools album module settings

    Thank you for reporting the incomplete documentation, we will fix it soon.

  • Thanks for your help this solved the problem
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