Full of bugs

So far , I bought 3 licenses already of your component , I never used them because they were alaways full of bugs , it's not out of the box , and the point is to be abble to use a component without being a coder
So I gave it a last try, because on the paper you are the best and still same problems
- Map not working
- Search not working
- Generate location not working (4 hours and everythign to 0.000000)
I tried to use the version that I was entitle to , according to your contract , but it doen"t work . So I ask for support , thjat you only give to people with the latest version
So If I resume, you deliver product with bugs that you sell, do upgrade toi fix the bugs but just ask the customer stupid enoug that bought it to get the new version
Since I am very stupid, I just did it for the fourth time
Thanks you for your good support


  • So I just bought and install latest version, same bugs
  • Hello,
    The mentioned problems might be connected to the wrong Google Maps API keys configuration. Please check the browser's console to see if the Google Maps API script is loaded and working correctly.
    In case of further problems, please contact us on helpdesk, providing access to the administrator area of your site.
  • The search is working randomly, find a citu, doesn't find another one , sometime return a blank page , post code never give anything
    A google map api script would give the same result each timle
  • Not working for a week now , the only support I got so far is buy the latest version and you have too many records , so you should add a warning before purchase to tell customer that your solution is not working with big database
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