Possible to create a discount by member type?

I am building a site with both paid memberships and free memberships I would like to use the DJ-Catalog as a store for some club products. Paid members can purchase these with a member discount.

Is it possible to have the system simply show the proper discounted price if a paid member is logged in vs a non paid member?



  • Hi,

    In DJ-Catalog2 it's not yet possible to define discounts hence it's not possible to apply discount based on user group.
    However, you can create so called Customer Groups (to which you need to assign individual registered users) and for those groups you can define individual product price - for each product. So technically it would be possible to achieve what you need as long as following conditions are met:
    - Each registered user has to be manuals (by administrator) assigned to specific user group.
    - Each product need to have two prices specified - default and for your special user group.
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