SEO URL for Map Search

I am trying to SEO optimise our urls when location search used. For example url

The first part of the link is ok = category list. How can i improve the second part.
something like

Also the title of the product list page is the category name any way to change this to "Vets in Reading" where Reading is the Town ?
Thanks Paul


  • Hi Paul,

    When it comes to handling SEO links the component uses only the entity names such as category, product or menu item alias. The rest cannot be converted yet, so it's not possible to achieve what you wanted.

    As for the headings i will also be impossible to inject location name into them, as the headings depend only on either category title or custom heading set in menu item.

  • Would it work to create hidden menu items for each town (there are 1400) in joomla table
    with url

    looks like this will work is syntax ok ?
  • In your case the location is based on producers, which means that you would have to create as many menu items as many producers (locations) you have and assign each menu item to specific location. Even then it might not work as you expect. It would work in one scenario only - when visitor opens the sub-menu item directly, e.g.

    But if he visited parent menu item:

    and then changed the location filter he would stay within the same menu. In other words, changing the filters would not affect the URL.
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