Images doesn't appear

i tried more types of slideshow, someone doesn't show photos.
In the page I need to show a slideshow with thumbs but it appear in this way.
What's the solution?


  • I find the problem, I got it if I set resizing images.
    Do you know what probably the cause?
  • Hey, have you followed this article: it may be the case, let me know, cheers
  • Thanks Tomasz,
    I do it but it's the same, not solved.
  • clear, we will sort it out within the same ticket I jsut created for you
  • Thanks Tomasz
  • :grey_question: @geniacom did you get answer from Szymon on email?
  • Yes, thanks, I now appplied the solution received, it works.
    Is this:

    please make sure you have not disabled the "image resizing" in the component settings. Watermarks are added only when you allow for image processing otherwise the original images are used.

    You don't have to crop images, you can use "to width" or "to height" resizing and the proportions of the images will be preserved.

    Please let me know in case of any other questions.

  • great to hear that! cheers
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