JS conflict


I am using Latest DJmedia tools (2.11.0) using the masonry style, and for some reason the masonry is not expanding when i insert them on an article with tabs check:

I realized that if i dont use tabs, it works fine, well these tabs are regularlabs.com tabs, on their options i can disable bootstrap loading and jquery loading none of these work, now if i resize the browser window it works right away (the mansonry expands showing all images).

Can anyone give me any insight on this? I am also making a post on regularlabs to see if they can help as well.



  • Hello,

    the masonry script is the 3rd party most popular script of the "pinterest like" images wall. If it doesn't work in the tabs you should contact regularlabs while they should handle that kind of scripts in their extensions. It's quite easy and needs only firing the "window resize" event on showing the tab content.

    I have also replied to your ticket, so don't hesitate to send us required information, so we can provide you the fix for this issue.

    DJ-Extensions.com team
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