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In table view appear a star (if you click the ad is added to my favourites) i want to include a text next to this star.

How can i do that, please?

Thank you.


  • Hi zuluu,

    The path to the RWD table view is:

    The custom text can be added there.
  • how to introduce with the same colour and at the same level please? I need the code please to get the same "Add to Favourite".

    thank you
  • How can i remove this star, please?
  • Hello

    >>How can i remove this star, please?
    -- Do you want to hide favorite functionality or just icon ? To hide functionality please just disable it in global configuration of DJ-Classifieds in tab global , parameter Use "Favourites" .
    If you want to modify view please in first tell me what view do you use for adverts list ?
    - blog
    - table
    - table rwd
    - smart table
  • OK, i solve it. I hide this functionality because our users doesnt understand what is the functionality of this little star...
  • OK, good to hear that you found solution.
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