DJ-Megamenu leaves DJ-Imageslider disappear

Hi! When I move my mouse over the DJ-Megamenu, the DJ-Imageslider disappears. Can I turn that off?


  • hey Arnold, this is strange, can you provide URL of the website?
  • Hello,
    Does it all happen when you put the image slider module to another module position? This is not an intended behavior of dj-imageslider or dj-megamenu so there has to be some other reason for this. If the issue is still there, please contact us via our helpdesk or directly to, provide the credentials for the website and we will check it for you
  • Thanks Tomasz. You are right! It was a css problem caused by an other component.
  • Great @Arnold ! glad to hear that you managed to solve it. Contact us in future if any more questions,
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