Child Products

If I allocate a producer to a child product. Go to the product item page and click the show products button. The child products are not displayed in the product list. If I allocate a producer to a parent product the parent displays but the child does not.


  • Paul, child products are not meant to be accessible via product list. That's what make them different from parent products. They can only be see from parent's page - as a list of variants of given item.
  • Ok understand. I am trying to solve the following problem. For example I have

    Product record = car dealer showroom with location details

    Producer = Ford the manufacturer of the cars

    Child products = the cars available for sale in the showroom.

    I need to be able to allow the end user to search by the Ford cars available for sale as well as being able to search for local car dealer by location.

    Should I be using child products or related items ?
  • Paul,

    I'm not sure that in the end you achieve satisfactory result, because here we're dealing with directories of two different types of products which should be connected together. And that's not something what the component has been made for.
    But as long as you are okay with the fact that both cars and dealers directories look similar to each other (that's the biggest obstacle I suppose) I would definitely try "related items" approach.
  • Olo, I nearly have this working using related items. For example we have as follows

    Ford = manufacturer

    On the dealer page on trying to display a list of cars. This is okay I have a module for related items and the cars are related to the dealer. And the module displays a list of cars.

    On the same page I have another module for related items which is the related manufacturer ie Ford and this displays related item but using the featured filter.

    The problem is that the list of cars featured = no also displays the featured manufacturer item

    Anyway round this ?
  • Could you change the query for featured so its Yes No or Both ?
  • Hi,

    As I wrote before, this option will be available in next update - version. 3.7.3
  • Any idea when 3.7.3 will be released ?
  • Hi, we hope to release it this week :-)
  • Hello Olo, Ive installed 3.7.3 on my test server it looks like the related items module has same options as before. If you choose featured=No the featured products are still displayed in the list.

  • I can see you have added option to Items module not related items module. I am checking this.
  • Hello Olo, I think you may have a problem with the new items module. If you set related = yes and "marked as related" you get error "Call to a member function setQuery() on null"
  • That's true Paul. Something went wrong when preparing installation package. Please download All In One package from our Downloads page and install it via Extensions Installer.
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