change in score value

I can put values of 0.5 points for example a result of a sport like chess would be 3.5 to 2.5 and that this result is worth 3 for the winner and 1 for the loser.
By modifying the type of value in the database, what could be done and in that case, what is the variable that affects the result?
Thank you


  • Hello,

    the DJ-League supports only integer scores and points at the moment.

    Is this the only requirement for Chess to be compatible with our extension or there are some more complicated rules which have to be applied for such league competitions?

    Do you have any budget for this to order customization? DJ-League is a free extension and it would be the fastest way to adjust it to a specific type of sports competitions. We have limited resources for developing not earning extensions.

  • it would only be able to add half a point, 0.5 for the draw, what would it cost,? although we do not have money unfortunately
  • We will add this to the feature requests list and it will be implemented in one of the future releases. However, I can't tell you when it would be. If you want to order such customization it won't cost much, write directly to to get an estimation.

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