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Congratulations on the good and complete your DJ Catalog 2.
I'm using WordPress now and I'm going to migrate to Joomla for using your good component.
I have a suggestion, if it is possible for you in the next update of the comparison (comparison page) choice of the manufacturer, categories and products (items) to set which users are able to compare them. Same this page:


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the compliments and the suggestion, although I'm not sure how you would like to accomplish similar feature in DJ-Catalog2. Is that correct that you would like to replace makes, model and cars by categories, producers and products?
  • Thank for your respons.
    I mean. If it is possible to choose the manufacturer(brands) and the products(models), it is good to do so.
    In the current state of the user, one has to see the product and compare it to compare, but it will be much better if the comparison page makes it possible to select products and manufacturers.
    thank you

  • Hi Mussa,

    Okay, understand. I want to be honest with you, so I will say that we're not planning to prepare such option yet as we have already scheduled other modifications. But I agree that this would be nice to have feature.

    Would you be interested in having such option developed individually? I could prepare quote for you.

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