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Stublemd with DJ-League while searching for a joomla solution to manage a rugb club site, and counting is a new extension though on adding my 2cents ;)

Currently there are several solutions to do this, but no real good one and none that really solves clubs necessities, in this regards dj-league has same issue, as it focuses in leagues, and this is really good for a eleague site, sports related one, or so, but clubs face the problem they need to be the main focus.

Best solutions found are joomlshaper soccer template and sport.ak template, but none is quite competenet, first one relies in it's own plugin, that has not been developed further, second relies in cobalt, that powerful as it is, lacks in many stages

All leagues olutions, focus in offering all teams same weight, this, although workable for a club, is innecessary work.

clubs need a club>club teams structure, where you have the club as main, and the rest of teams are subcategories of it.

Currently, besides having to create all the info for your club teams and rivals, as each club team is in idifferent categories, you need to create several of the same item, veterans, senior, women's senior, sub18, sub16, sub14,... you can't call them all Your Team, as you wouldn't know which one is.

instead, if you make a club, and assing different teams to each tournament, ewhen you pick your club in the tournament, you're undoubtelly picking the correct one (unless you've got more than one in same tournament, rare case, but could be studied) is less hassle for admins and indeed looks better for visitor.

Also, for rivals I just one to know name, logo and venue, maybe some info, but there's no point in your club site being an exhibit for the rest of teams, currently, if you list upcoming matches in your site, and you click them, in all solutions visitor team has a page on your site... you're working for your rivals!

End of rant, sorry, though it could be a perfect chance to develop a good solution that would work for leagues, but also for clubs ;)

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  • Hello,

    thank you for your suggestions.

    This is a very simple component at the moment and your suggestions are very valuable. Moreover, we know that adding clubs would be very helpful for club sites. Unfortunately, this is a free extension and we have no resources to develop it for free. We can implement any feature you need, but on a paid service basis. If you are interested in our service just contact us writing directly to help@dj-extensions.com

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