Bookmark Improvements for Subscription Plans

great app, but it lacks critical improvements in function to specify the number of ads plan

for example, I want to be in terms of subscription "main" could show the drop-down list to the number of announcements "10", "50", "100" and so on, and thus came the changes in the ultimate cost of the plan to display the amount of discount, if you purchased data plan with the number of advertisements of "100", then you will have a specific price different from the one you would get in the tariff plan to the amount of ads "10"

I suggest that by the fact that it is not convenient, if I do not want to produce a lot of plans subscriptions page with parameters similar to each other, if for example, I do not want to give the possibility of an additional "Promotion" search subscriptions plans
Also, if I want to give the tariff plan "Premium", together with the promotion of "Special" or "Background" and I want to have a company or a person has the opportunity to buy, for example, "1000" ads or "500" ads, the user might choose instead of buying the same tariff plan several times, that user will annoy


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