Add Category to Producer table

Currently the producer filter shows all producers. Is it possible to filter the list of producers. Perhaps relate the producers to the category or create filed producers_type sop we can restrict the producers list.

For example if I am browsing the product list for computer hard drives category then the producer list should be restricted to manufacturers of hard drives. Seagate and Western Digital. It doesn't make sense if browsing the category for hard drives to display a producer list with completely unrelated products.



  • Hi,

    The way you described producers filter is how it actually works. When you select a category (it cannot be main category) then the component retrieves only those producers to which there are assign products in that category.
  • Ok yes got it
  • Olo,
    I am trying to setup up the modules on the home page for a our new site. I'm using the front page module to display products from a specific category. I then have the category and producers modules also on the homepage. However it seems that unlike the component producers module is not filtering dependent upon the category selected and is displaying all producers.

    Is that correct ?
  • Hi,

    Yes, that's correct. Frontpage module uses only setting in its configuration. It's not sensitive to request parameters coming from other modules.
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