Module clash causing problems

I hate clashes between modules as each developer tends to blame the other. In this case DJ Mega Menu. When you click on any of the menu items it should take you to the relevant page. It doesn't, instead I get a pop up Modal with "[ object Object]" displayed.

No errors are showing when inspected.

This only happens when another module, Advanced Portfolio Pro, is present on the page. I have communicated with the developers who are looking into what the issue might be though their module is working fine.


  • I should add I have tested alternative Bootstrap menus which have worked fine in this situation. I would much rather use this Mega Menu if possible.
  • Hello,

    we have already explained it to you when you contacted us via our helpdesk, but I just want to leave the answer for other users who can face a similar problem.

    This issue is caused exactly by Advanced Portfolio Pro. There is no modal script used in the DJ-MegaMenu extension. Clicking the menu links opens fancybox modal which is loaded with Advanced Portfolio Pro.

    You need to contact the developer of this extension and ask them to fix this bug. The modal script which they are using in their extension cannot interact with accidental links on your website. This is an obvious bug with no doubt.

  • Id like to add that I am also having problems with j2store. The menu works unless you are actually in the store then I get the same [obeject Object] issue the OP stated. How can this be always the other module issue? When I launch the console and use the debugger in Web Tools the error is located within /mod_djmegamenu/assets/js/jquery.djmegamenu.js file. I can see if it always happens with a certain plugin but this is another plugin all together. Any fix?
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