To not show the hint

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Hello. Tell me how to do it so that when you hover the mouse on the SHOW button, a hint was not displayed? And then the phone number can be found without even pressing the SHOW button.

And how to hide the phone number from the code?


  • Hello

    Script that replaces number base on this title tag so we can't delete it. To hide it we would need also to modify this script, and this function is used in many places of code. We will change it in next update.
  • Thanks for the future update. I hope many will need it. And is it possible to make a phone number that would be entered when submitting an ad via +7 or any other country code, and not just numbers together? As done on
  • For now that kind of number formatting is not available, of course it can be done via some custom script formating.
  • Thank. We will seek a decision on adding scripts!
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