Google and Yandex maps

Tell me what's wrong. If you disable or remove the IPA key from google maps, then the Yandex card does not work then, but the key from the Yandex card is received and entered! I understand that without a key from Google maps and Yandex will not work?
Dear developers! Make it so as not to get the key from Google, you can safely use Yandex maps!


  • Hello

    Please in global DJ-Classifieds configuration provide into Google Maps keys parameters keys from Yandex maps then everything should work fine.
  • I understand that in 1) Google Maps Server API Key. 2) Google Maps Browser API Key. Should I put the API key from Yandex and everything will work?
  • Yes please put Yandex API keys in those parameters and of course add it also in plugin parameters.
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