menu display not working in template

I have a Warp 7 framework template, all on the template is fine. I had already used DJmegamenu many years back, and installed it on this. I am still making many modifications to the template so its pretty basic.

I have a top horizontal menu, typically with home, product, resources, contact us. all moving from left to right of the logo in the header. The products has 6 sub menu links.

I must be doing something wrong because all I end up with on the menu bar is either the menu title (if I enable it)
What I end up with is as seen in this image below. Horizontal or vertical makes no difference.


  • I believe this is template related. Posting the module into another location it seems to work as it should do.
  • Hello,

    you're right. You need to publish DJ-MegaMenu module in different module position while this module position is dedicated for standard Joomla Menu module. You need to ask your template provider how you can use 3rd party menu modules with their template.
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