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Under categories when uploading the image, another image (myimage_ths.png) is created. This file will crop my image. It is cut up and down. It's normal? As my image is round, in DJClassifieds Category Tree gets very bad.


  • Hello
    Please just change way of thumbnails creation , in global DJ-Classifieds configuration please find tab Images and there in parameter "Resize method" please change from "Resize & Crop" to "Resize"

    then everything should work fine, please also remember that after those changes you need to go to categories list in administrator of component and there use "recreate images" button on top.

    Best Regards,
  • It was okay. Thank you. :)
  • Is it possible to insert an image as .svg? That way it did not lose quality.
  • Unfortunately for now there is no possibility to do this , because we use GD library to resizing of images which doesn't support SVG. Of course in case of svg there is no need to create thumbnails but there would be a lot of changes in DJ-Classifieds core.
  • Thank you. I'm getting it with css (:before).
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