Remove mobile button, restore menu bar?

edited November 2018 in DJ-MegaMenu
I tried the mobile menu button but it also appeared on the main site and removed the normal horizontal menu? I disabled mobile functions but cannot get rid of the button and restore the normal menu bar?

Am I going to have to uninstall the whole thing and try again or is there a fix for this?

I really thought the mobile button function would not even appear on a desktop view that it was for mobile use only? The normal drop downs are non-functional on cell phone.

Is this menu system not suitable for sites to be viewed in mobile device?


  • Strange...suddenly the regular menu re-appeared? I had refreshed, cleared cache etc. and it would not go away until later?

    Still not sure this will work due to inability to click links on mobile device.
  • Hi

    I'm not sure that I understand your problem.
    You want to show the default menu on the desktop and mobile menu on the mobile? Please send a link to your website so I can check it.
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