Multiple Categories

Hello I am trying to create and accordion for our help FAQ. I have item set as article category and inc mulitple categories. as in your demo

I'm trying to get the initial display of the accordion to be the categories and then click on the accordion bar to get the questions

I have the display set to all in and I have tried different category levels. I cannot get a list of categories to display.


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    Is this correct. I have to use multiple modules on same page ?
  • hey, not sure what do you want to do but I'll try
    you want to have different categories for each of the points from my screenshot?
    In this case, just create different tabs (items) in the DJ-Tabs -> Items view. Create as many items as categories you need and in each item add one category: this way you will have multiple accordion items and each accordion when opened will display different categories content

    Let me know if I got you right?
  • Thanks got it working each item is article category type and the group is "help". I have tried All in and First out options but in both cases I cannot get the first item to display as open when the page loads. Also set the start item as the item id I want expanded. How do I load with one item open as defualt
  • Hello. If the tabs are set to display "first out", the "tab no" parameter field needs to be left blank/default
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