Can URLs be made more clear?

We have used the catalogue on a website. With search filters, a URL is looking something like this:[0]=1&f_category[1]=3&f_colour[0]=6&cm=0#tlb

I would want it to be[0]=men&f_category[1]=unisex&f_colour[0]=black&cm=0#tlb

which I hope makes sense.

Can anyone tell me how to achieve that? Many thanks in advance for any help


  • Anybody there who can help??
  • Hi,

    It's not possible to replace option attributes' IDs with their text values and currently we don't plan changing it in the near future. It's not that easy because not every character can be added to URL hence before adding the value as part of URL, the text needs to be escaped and striped from prohibited characters. As a result you might end up with two identical values referring to different options. To solve this problem we would have to at least keep the IDs, so instead of f_category[0]=men there would have to be something like: f_category[0]=1:men. And that's doable of course and we will think about changing how it works.
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