Image Uploader on Mobile

I am having problems with the image uploader overflowing on mobile phone. The table overflows the phone width.
Any ideas how to fix. it seems to be using djc theme.css


  • Hi,

    In general it cannot be avoided that table wider than available screen width, however in such situation there should be a style applied which adds to the table horizontal scrollbar. Like on the example below. As a result, user may swipe the screen to see all the contents.

    The style responsible for this behaviour is in responsive.css file, in DJ-Catalog2 theme:

    #djcatalog table {
    position: relative;
    width: auto;
    overflow-x: scroll;
    display: block;

    Perhaps in your case this style has somehow been overridden. To tell more I would have to see the website.
  • Ok thanks Ill check css. There is another issue. The add files button not working on iphone works ok on android. Button just blinks
  • I have fixed the css issue however cannot get add files to work on ios. This applies to iphone and ipad so its not a style issue.
  • Add files button is working on macbook but drag and drop does not. With drag and drop on osx you get "http error URL might be wrong or doesnt exist"
    Add Files is an ios issue only.
  • The fix has been added to upcoming update that we are already preparing.
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