Remove captcha from DJ Classifieds contact form?

I don't see an option for removing the captcha on the advertiser contact form, it is possible? I want to use Easy Calc Check+ instead.


  • Hi,

    You can display the "ask seller" form for reigstered users or for all users with captcha. You can find this setting in DJ-Classifieds Options:

  • But that's not what I am trying to do. What I actually want is to remove it altogether so that I can use Easy Calc Check+ instead. I much prefer it to the Google one.

    For now I have the Google captcha configured as per your screen shot, but it displays this:

    So what I'm really after is a temporary solution to the above, and after that I will find a way to replace the Google captcha with the one from Easy Calc Check+, which will likely require having them create a plugin for it.
  • DJ-Classifieds does not use Easy Calc.
    We can add this feature for you for additional fee.
    Please contact us via tickets for more details.

  • Just few words to the Google Captcha. You can change it from v1 to noCaptcha. Because the version 1 is not supported by Google anymore.
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