Search results not showing

Hello, there are no search results showing up after adding an add. I can't figure it out. I have looked at everything in the configuration. The result table is only showing up, when I want to add a new add and hit "cancel" -then the table with all entries show up. does anybody have a clue on that?


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    Please contact us via tickets and provide with:
    - url address
    - joomla credentials
    - steps to reproduce the issue

  • Thank you for your reply, Marcin. I am still working on localhost and can‘t send you an url. I tested dj classified with version 3.73 and it worked fine. Then I bought Version 3.76 and setup everything new with a clean joomla 3.92 and the search results don‘t shoow up. I also setup 3 languages. Maybe it‘s because of that? I can‘t figure out why. Is there maxbe something I forget to install?
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