manufacturer with google map

Hello, I would like to offer some products in 50 stores (weekly) (including the full address for google map to work). With "manufacturer" does not work, because I can enter there no address data. Is there a way to do this anyway? Or does this have to be programmed? Can I extend the "manufacturer" with the address data? Is there possibly a plugin? Kind regards


  • Hi,

    I can see that you have already submitted a ticket regarding the same topic so I will paste what I have replied to you before.

    Unfortunately Producers do not have address fields and they cannot be displayed on a map. Only products can. So to change this we the component would have to be customised and following features would have to be added:

    1. Address fields + Geocoding mechanism for producers.
    2. Map page that would aggregate multiple producers on a single map.
    3. Displaying address fields and a map under producer details, on single producer page.
  • I had this problem. We solved by creating product item record = Company then using a combination of categories and producer to filter the display of products relating to the company. You can use the related items method to display the manufacturers products. We have a module on the page which displays the product record including name and address. Then the list form contains related items.

    It's not ideal but it works. I don't really understand why the producer table does not include name and address. My guess is it's a historic problem.
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