Location Search SEF Urls

I have SH404SEf installed and trying to solve a problem for SEF Urls For towns and regions. I have location search enabled for country and state. In my case the country is equal to Region in Uk and State = Town.

Startign with List form


If a user selects a region = Essex URL used in for mapsearch


For the product list
I'm trying to create URLs something like /find-a-vet/vets-in-essex

And Product Page

but I get

Any ideas how to do this ?


  • We have paid for some customisation of the component but I am on the verge of giving up with DJ Catalog if we cannot get SEF urls to work with location based listings. I realise that the search works okay from the perspective of the user searching for listing in a particular town using google map api. However from our testing, particularly mobile phones, visitors to the site users do not bother to type in the name of their town and prefer to select a region from a drop down list. With current component it's impossible to generate default listing pages for category plus towns and regions with an SEF Url.

    For example /find-a-vet/vets-in-essex ie /category/listings-in-region/listings-in-town

    I have tried using producers as "regions" but this doesnt work. We already have location country and state filter but this is not able to generate sef urls.

    I would appreciate a response on the best way to resolve this problem.

    The best option would be to inc location settings in back end seo options and allow an alias override in the menu settings so we can create vets-in-town etc.

    Other than this issue its working very well.
  • Hi Paul,

    That's true that when it comes to listing pages based on search criteria URLs are not fully search engine friendly. We are planning to change this in the future, but it's actually one of the biggest modifications that I can imagine as we need to guarantee that new format of URLs will not collide with URLs already generated by thousands of our customers' sites. Not to mention that the mechanism by itself it's pretty hard to be implemented.
    But the fact that those listing pages are not SEF does not have much to do with your actual problem. The problem is that in DJ-Catalog2 you use Categories to divide (CATEGORISE :D) products into groups. Not producers (which you translated into locations) and definitely not other criteria. So if your main and topmost attribute is location then I would suggest (I would if you haven't already built your site) that categories were in fact locations.

    But since your website is already up and running, perhaps you should consider creating a set of custom URLs which you would later paste as individual menu items. What I mean that for instance you write down a number of locations and then enter each into search field and copy the resulting URL. For instance:


    Then you could place each of those URLs... actually anywhere you feel like. It can be custom module with UL>LI list; it can me Joomla! menu filled with custom links. As a result your visitors will have an element that allows them to jump to appropriate (pre-designed) URL.

    P. S. Your site is still returning API error:
    Google Maps JavaScript API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError
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