Wrong Date in Blogview and in Details

edited August 2019 in DJ-Classifieds
I have a field with format date from to.
In the classified ad is the date 28.11.2020 registered.
After saving the date 26.11.2020 is displayed in the blog view. And in the detail view then the date of 27.11.2020 displayed. What can I do?
All updates have been installed.
Kind regards


  • Too bad. Unfortunately, I also get no answer via the support. Neither DJ extensions nor Joomla Monster ....
    The support ticket is already 5 days old. Can nobody help?
  • Hi,

    I am sorry for late response due to National Holiday in our country.
    I have checked status of your ticket and one of our developer has already replied you.
    Please continue this issue in the ticket.

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