Front End Edit User Products View Category List

We have a menu for the user product view to let the user edit from the front end. We need the user to be able to select the product category. However in our case we have 950 nested over 3 levels categories and the form is unresponsive in the browser presumably because the category list is too long.

Is it possible to specify the root category in the user products menu link rather than the configuration front end edit or somehow restrict the size of the category list. This is important for us because we are using the categories to generate the SEF urls.



  • Another issue I have notice with the category drop-down is that it does not respond to the keyboard therefore the user has to scroll down the entire category list rather than being able to jump to for example "E" if looking for English in the list ?
  • Hi,

    Please have a look at this:
    I suppose that the problem is with sub-categories which actually do not start with letters but |-- prefix which is meant to indent category name. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it as the prefix is hard-coded and cannot be disabled.
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