Front End Edit Price Format

The price displayed for a product in the front end edit inc 4 zeros ie 100.0000. I need prices in GBP ie without any zeros or decimal point. Our users on mobile phone keep entering whole numbers and then price is displayed as 0.085

I have decimal point set to none in the config.


  • Hi,

    The prices are stored in database in decimal format with 4 places after decimal point, hence the price will always be converted to x.y format where x is whole number and y is 4-digit fraction. However, this should not cause any problems with entering the price, because the number "100" will be converted to "100.0000". So if your customers' prices are displayed as 0.085 then they must be entering them wrong... for example place the whole number after the comma or dot symbol. Although I tried to reproduce this issue on my test site and it's very hard to make mistake.
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