Items list update menu from Table to Grid layout

I'm having problems with some of my menu links updating from table layout to grid. I have updated the menu settings but in the browser the switch is not made and the lists are still displayed in table format. Needless to say I have refresh the browser cleared every single cash I can think of but the result is the same including checking on different devices.

Is there a setting in the menu link that is preventing the update from table layout to grid ?


  • You can see the problem here Both are set to grid view but display a table

    However these work
  • For anyone else with this problem I have managed to resolve it. If you have a menu link which is displaying a category in the product list. In the menu link you can select this setting to display either a table or a grid. However if you have a selection made in the category setting = table this overrides setting in the menu.

    I think this is probably non-standard Joomla! behaviour in that the menu usually takes precedence but anyway it sorted out.
  • Yes, that is correct observation and designed behaviour. Why?
    In DJ-Catalog2 unlike in J! Articles, for example, users usually do not add every single category to their menus. After all the catalogue may contain hundreds if not thousands of categories. People usually add only main categories and the rest (sub-categories) inherit settings from the menu and parent category... Now, if the settings in menu were more important than settings in category, it would be practically impossible to configure sub-categories differently than their parents.
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