Cannot make it responsive

Just for the records: I am a seasoned Joomla developer, so don't give me tips for newbies.
This is the site I have problems with:
I tried to play with settings to make the slider work, and to keep it responsive.
it is a full width type of setup. If I am not adding the image dimensions, the module defaults to a small width/height, regardless to all other settings, if I add the dimensions for the desktop version, then loose the responsiveness.
I tried to add responsive CSS dimensions to various divs here, nothing is working properly.
What are the PROPER settings to make this slider responsive?


  • Hi

    Thank you for contact.
    Please try to disable JCH Optimize plugin. DJ-ImageSlider does not change width on smaller devices because of containers in your template have width = 1200px.
    JCH Optimize plugin adds rules in wrong order so container width for desktop has higher priority than the mobile rule.

    Best Regards
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