DJ-WebP changes src url when not needed

edited October 2019 in Free Extensions
I have installed DJ-WebP (0.5 BETA) on a few sites now and it is a real help!

I have setup the foldername for my images in the /images folder and there the webp pictures are correctly converted and the src url's are altered accordingly.
Images in the folder /media/system/images are not converted to the .webp format. That is correct (other folder).
But the HTML code <img src="....."> is converted to the .webp extension and the image is not found.

Setup in the plugin:
/images - JPG/JPEG and PNG is set
The HTML Code in the generated page:
<img src="/media/system/images/emailButton.webp" alt="E-mailadres">

Also; there is no category for this WebP plugin on the community platform yet!
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