Progress bar not working

We are using dj-catalog2 and have version I am having difficulty uploading any images into the products page. When try the page does nothing. Using the diags in the browser it says -
this.progressbar.progressbar is not a function

We are using PHP 7.2.20.

Please let me know if you need more information. Our test site is now at



  • Hi,

    There are two options:

    a) You have disabled jQuery UI and Bootstrap JS libraries in DJ-Catalog2 General configuration. They are required by the component.

    b) You are using some incompatible extension, widget kit (usually a plugin) which affects Joomla core JavaScript libraries.

    P. S. You can use our 1-1 help desk support if you would like us to inspect your website.
  • Thanks for the tip. I guess our old template had these configured. Our new template didn't have them on. I turned them both on in the back-end and now the the upload is working.
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