Issue with offcanvas


I have published the module DJ-Megamenu in my template's menu position and also set in Mobile Menu Options of the module the Mobile Menu to Offcanvas Menu
Now, I am facing the following issue:

When I change my windows size, I do see the offcanvas (mobile) menu button and when I click on it, I do see the menu that expands. So far, so good. Now, if I don't exit the offcanvas menu by clicking on X (close) of its window and I maximize my window, the offcanvas menu disappears, leaving a white area in its area. Then I have to make window size smaller again, exit the offcanvas menu and maximize my window again, in order to go back to normal.

I have tested this on local WAMP environment with Mozilla, and Opera and also in different templates using

Apache 2.4.39
PHP 7.2.18 (tested also on 7.1.2 & 7.3.5)
MariaDB 10.4.8

I have also one question. Is it possible to disable offcanvas (i know it is) but make Megamenu disappear when I make my window smaller, because I want to use the template's offcanvas menu?

Thank you


  • Hi

    Thank you for contact.
    This behavior was always visible for this module - a problem during the resizing window. No one has already reported this issue but I have reported this problem and we will try to fix it during the next update process.

    Best Regards
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