Tab doesn't finish loading

DJ-Tabs doesn't finish loading, just stalls whilst showing the loading gif (see screenshot). The following error is shown in the console...

TypeError: window.addEvent is not a function script.js:249:9

Also note that the Control Panel displays "CURL is not instaled on server" although curl is...

root@homer:~# which curl

DJ-Tabs version 1.3.6
Template JSN Force 2 - latest version

Please advise.



  • Hello,

    Please make sure you have MooTools javascript library loaded on site - DJ-Tabs is based on it, it's required.

    If the MooTools script is loaded correctly, the problem might be caused by incorrect scripts order - in such case try to install and enable the DJ-jQueryMonster plugin (it's designed to fix the jQuery conflicts, but also applies the correct scripts ordering):

    If the above doesn't help, please contact us on helpdesk.

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