Does the compare feature work by location ?

Can I for example compare all the product from a region ?
Is the number of product to compare limited ??


  • Hi,

    You can display location of compared product if that's what you were asking. Although there is no option to for example compare all products from selected location with just one click.

    The limit of compared products can be defined in the settings. It shouldn't be very high as large amount of products will not horizontally fit on the website. But if that's not a problem for you then you may set larger values.
  • Thanks , i am trying to show a range of product from a specific locatio, so i guess this will be custom work
  • Hi , i ask for a custom work quote on the 27 , no answer
  • Hello @savoirdonner , I think we're getting lost somewhere, sorry for this, let's fix it.
    I will contact you via email right now to clarify all.
  • hey @savoirdonner I have just contacted you via email, let me know if you got it, as I remember there were issues with delivering the emails to your inbox, thx
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