Category Product list displays products from sub category

Hello, I'm trying to restrict the list of products product page to the current category only and not the subcategories. I set subcategories to hide in the menu link settings product list the items still displayed. Is this correct ?


  • Fixed I was looking in sub category settings set catalog mode = yes
  • Not quite. I have dealers and cars as sub category
    Catalog mode = yes
    sub-categories = hide
    show children = hide

    On page load it is correct only dealers are displayed. In category select Cars and you get list of cars. If you reselect category as dealer displays dealers and cars but category is = dealers.
  • I have also replicated setting for the individual category with same results.
    Catalog mode = yes
    sub-categories = hide
    show children = hide

  • In addition if you display list of dealers then choose producer = ford the list displays dealers and cars not just ford dealers.
  • Hi,

    Could you record a video of this behaviour, because I have problems with understanding what you are trying to accomplish and what's not working as you would like?
    In general, manipulating with "catalog mode" setting in global settings as well as the parameters of categories and sub categories should allow to achieve every possible scenario. However, if by selecting a category you mean choosing another category from drop-down, then in such case we're dealing with searching, hence catalog mode setting is ignored - as it were set to "No".

    As for the list of producers, it contains all producers products of which can be found in selected category or its subcategories.
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