Keep Submenu open/visible when is active

My Menu have many Submenus. When the User scrolls over one Menu it will show/collapse the Submenus. The submenu is a site/blog to open. But then the Submenu dissapears and the User can't see in which Submenu he is right now.

So, my question: How can I do, that the Submenu stays open when it's "active" ?


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    Thank you for contact.
    After leaving the submenu area it will disappear so I'm afraid that making submenu open after leaving this area is not possible.
    If you care about this option we can prepare a quote for this modification . Please contact us here.
  • Ok, that's sad, because I am realy care about that feature. I would be nice and stylish as well.

    So I will try to do it with JavaScript. I just have to know, which "classes" I should remove thate the Submenus stay visibile, any hints?
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    When the submenu is visible the parent LI element has class "hover".
    Container with class "dj-subwrap" removes class "fadeOutDown" and adds class "fadeIn".

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    Thank you for your hint: but it will not work.
    I removed the Class "fadeOutDown" and added "fadeIn" (that worked), but the Submenu do not shown.
    I tried really almost everythink, I manipulated your "assets-Code" and overridet stuff... but it will not show.

    I can't see really trough all your Plugin-Code, CSS and JavaScripts files. Have you as creator any idea how you would do that?
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    uuff... Ok I found a way. After 4 houres. Only with CSS and a little JavaScript which every Menu added an EventListener for Mouseenter and Mouseleave, so can I remove the Classname. But I have to remove the "CSS3 Animations and script features" of your Plugin.

    If you found an another solution, I would be happy to see it. :)
  • Hi

    I'm glad that you have found a solution.
    We will let you know if we will have a better way to do it :-)

    Best Regards
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