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  • Hi, Please check DJ-Mediatools. You can use the Youtube, Vimeo Dailymotion, MetaCafe, Liveleak, Yahoo movies as well as upload locally store videos (see instructions:…
  • Hello, yes, you can use the items module and choose "Follow category" or "follow regions" to display adverts basing on that criteria, when the advert is browsed. You can find more info about items module here:…
  • Thanks! Glad you like it and thanks for the inspiration! We will definetely think about adding the invisible captcha to DJ-Classifieds as well, however this will be more complex task, thanks again! Cheers
  • Ah so you are looking for the conditional extra fields, this is something we will implement in one of the future updates (probably this year) , more info on this:…
  • Hi, the additional fields appear below the category selection once you choose the category. see example:
  • Hi, Please check this article:
  • Great that you managed! thanks for letting us know, Cheers!
  • Hey, you need to update DJ-Classifieds to latest version - there was the change applied, it was related to the component's uploader, not the App itself. You can learn more about the update here:…
  • Hi, When using the intro description field it is then required, if you are following this tutorial - the description is not required (in c…
  • Hey, have you tried the DJ-MediaTools demo here: - , and here: - we have there a WCAG/ADA navigation feature enabled so you…
  • Hey, the yesterday release should fix your issues with the pdf, if any more questions, let us know Cheers
  • Hey! great it worked If you need to enter the license for DJ-Megamenu, please follow this article: Cheers!
  • Hey Aleks! Just to be sure, you would like the menu item that is currently active NOT being marked as active?
  • hey, we will contact you back on the ticket you have created. The issue is more complex.
  • ok, it;s not that probably, just testing your files, I will keep you posted
  • do other files larger than 1MB uploads successfully? Maybe it is a server limit to 1MB ?
  • Hey, please check if you have the PDF as a possible format in the settings of the app: also, check if the file size settings are correct for the files w…
  • Hi, not yet, however I can provide it for you for test if you are interested, in this case please let me know at feedback @ .
  • Hello, I have just contacted Bartek and he got back to you already, Cheers
  • Hey! I have just contacted you via the email to solve the issue, let's continue there, Cheers!
  • hé, j'ai fait une demande de billet pour vous sur notre service d'assistance, et un de nos développeurs reviendra vers vous et vous demandera vos informations d'identification de site Web pour vérifier ce qui se passe là À votre santé!
  • Hé, on dirait que vous ne touchez pas le module lui-même, où les paramètres sont. Pour éditer le module allez à: Extensions -> Modules -> recherchez le module DJ-Imageslider: et ouvrez-le pour éditer. Ici vous trouverez l…
  • hi! we never ignore any ticket, just cannot find it, not sure why, anyway, I have just made the ticket manually for you and the developer will get back to you there! cheers
  • hi, thanks, but I cannot find the ticket, did you use the same e-mail address you have used to register to this community forum?
  • Ok, dzieki za informacje, sprawdzimy co mozna z tym zrobic, skoro temat tyczy sie tez innych telefonow. Testowalem wlasnie na telefonie gdzie tez byl dostep do zrobienia zdjec + do "dokumentow" i w tychze dokumentach mozna przefiltrowac po roznych …
  • Hey, vous définissez tous les paramètres dans le module DJ-ImageSlider. Le composant est utilisé pour organiser et éditer les détails des diapositives particulières. Si vous voulez changer les paramètres d'affichage, vous devez le régler dans le mod…
  • Hi, You could do it, I believe, the similar way we have explained that for the Facebook Page, by using the RSS. Check the article here: , by using …
  • the fix will be introduced soon in the DJ-Classifieds update, if you have an active subscription please contact us via helpdesk, maybe we will be able to provide the ad hoc fix for you. cheers